What's an E-Bike

An E-Bike is a new era bicycle where human power and electricity merge. Once you experience the sense of smoothly moving forward with your body and the battery working in unison, you'll be captivated by its charm.


The Surprising Experience of Becoming One with the Pedals

The electric assist of an E-Bike is linked to your pedaling force. You can ascend hills without feeling the strain, as if you've become a superhero. With the ability to adjust the assist level according to your fitness level, it's enjoyable for beginners to advanced exercisers.


A Passport to a New World

With an E-Bike, a new adventure awaits you. Casually explore nature-rich forests and beaches or unfamiliar cityscapes. Plus, with GPS capabilities providing real-time weather and traffic information, your journey can be safer and more enjoyable.


Cutting-Edge Technology at Your Fingertips

The latest E-Bikes come equipped with AI functions that measure body weight and pedaling force via sensors, automatically adjusting to the optimal assist force. You can also create your own cycling route and record your exercise volume and distance with smartphone integration.


The Difference with Traditional Electric Assist Bicycles

E-Bikes are a cut above traditional electric assist bicycles in terms of battery life, response speed of assist, and power. Once you ride an E-Bike, the difference is clearly perceptible.